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College of Forensic Medicine
Research Subjects

Research subjects of this institute are supported by many science funds, including those from the Foundation of National Natural Sciences, the ministry of public health, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany, the committee of science and technology in Sichuan province.

Forensic Biology
Evaluation and standardization of DNA analysis for forensic medicine, including population study of STR loci and Multiplexing of STR loci; DNA fingerprinting in forensic medicine; the polymorphisms of human serum proteins
Forensic Pathology
Biological mechanics and molecular biology of brain injury, including study on the expression of IEGs,HSP70, NGF, BDNF and NT3 genes following fluid percussion brain injury; the expertise of antemortem and postmortem injury and the estimation of time of injury or death; the pathology of drug abuse; the evaluation of degree for injury and for losing ability to work.

Forensic psychiatry
Expertise of ability for responsibility of the defendant or the victim; prevention of the danger behavior; suggestions from forensic medicine dealing with the psychical health legislation


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