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College of Forensic Medicine
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Death and thanatology, normal and abnormal change of corpse and its mechanism, the change of cadaver fluids and chemical components in tissues and its signification for forensic medicine, the injury or death caused by different violent factors and its mechanism, the expertise of antemortem and postmortem injury, the estimation of time of injury or death, the estimation of the instrument causing the trauma, sudden unexpected natural death and its mechanism, the expertise of population deaths caused by disaster and traffic accident.

Evaluation of degree for injury, evaluation of degree for losing ability to work. The estimation of the relation between injury and disease, the expertise of sexual dysfunction, expertise of child abuse.

Individual identification and paternity study with genetic markers, including blood group, HLA, isoenzymes in red blood cells, serum protein polymorphism, DNA fingerpring, DNA profiling. The examination of biological stains from blood, semen, saliva and other body fluids. Individual identification of skeleton remains, teeth, hair with anthropological methods.

Evaluation of mental state, expertise of legal responsibility of the insane

Study of drug abuse and drug dependence; isolation, purification and identification of the poisonous substance.

Suggestions from forensic medicine dealing with medical legislation: brain death, organ transplant, euthanasia, etc.

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